Doggie Social Club
You've heard it said before, “A tired pup is a good pup,” and it's true! Many nuisance doggie behaviors are a result of boredom and too little exercise. Dogs also need to be exposed to and have interaction with other dogs and a variety of people in order to develop and maintain important social skills.

Sometimes, busy home and work schedules prevent us from meeting our dog's needs. Doggie day care centers and dog parks are great options for exercise and socialization, but are not always convenient. There is now a weekend alternative, where you and your dog can share quality time together while you watch him romp, frolic, chase, and play with old and new doggie friends! The Doggie Nature Walk at Sunny Lane is also open for social club attendees.

The popular Doggie Social Club is held twice a month on Sundays at either Sunny Lane or Doggie Come Play. For location, dates and times, please see our calendar.

The Sunday afternoon events are open to friendly, healthy dogs, that are up-to-date on vaccinations. Dogs over 8 months should be spayed or neutered. Previous temperament testing is required for dogs not known by Carmen.

Children 12 years and older may attend. Your dog wants to come!

Small Dogs: under 20 lbs. or up to 1 year.
Large Dogs: 20 lbs. and over and more than 3 months.

The cost is $10 per doggie household. Simply drop $10 in the jar at the gate on the day you attend.

Small Dogs and Puppies

Socials for Small Dogs and Puppies are held rain or shine.

Large Dogs

Socials for Large Dogs at Sunny Lane are canceled in case of rain or when the temperature is over 85 degrees.