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GUESS WHAT! RINA IS ADOPTED!!! This was truly a team effort! Thank you to Best Friends for giving us Carmen from SunnyLane Academy‘s information. It is because of Carmen and her promotion of Rina that her adopters came in. (The doggy playdates at her facility every other weekend really helped with Rina‘s ability to socialize properly with other dogs too! HUGE part of why this was a successful meet and greet!

Timothy loves to run but neither his Bulldog or his Great Dane/Pitbull were set up to be good running buddies. Carmen told Timothy and his wife about Rina. Once he met Rina he knew she was a dog who could fill that bill. Being responsible pet owners, they didn‘t want to jump into a lifelong commitment so have sat down and made a plan on if it would work and how to make it work.

Today, they were confident they were ready & it was time to bring their 2 dogs for a meet and greet! It was AWESOME to watch! Timothy‘s dogs were patient but gave appropriate correction. He is an avid believer in training and has used Carmen to train his other 2 pooches so is excited to return to her with Rina. I don‘t think there could have been a more perfect person to take her home.

Thank you Doreen and Carmen for sharing our passion for these animals and helping us to promote them. May all of them find such happy tails!

Lani Kurtz, Adoption & Outreach Director
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Hi, Carmen,
I just wanted to say thank you! Brew competed in AKC agility last Sunday, and he‘ll compete tomorrow. He is doing fabulous with the other dogs, I‘m able to walk in tight spaces without him reacting! Even if I can‘t get him to watch me and I have to just hold him back, he doesn‘t try to lunge or make ugly noises. He‘s completely back to his friendly, goofy self. He is also running great in the ring (for him)! Thank you again for all your help! It made such a difference. And it‘s so nice having my old dog back!

Malee Powell
Just to let you know how much I appreciate your training (for me & for Sophie Grace) and your support. We passed our Pet Partners evaluation last week with a Complex rating! In addition, I have been told that I should enter Sophie Grace in Obedience contests (I won’t cuz I don’t like competing). You gave us the foundation to succeed so Thank You!!

Susan Johnson
Oh my goodness, these pictures are great! Thank you so much! Moose is continuing to improve all the time, and we are so grateful for his class. I am hoping to put Moose in agility (to see if he can overcome his fear of heights and to give him a new and fun challenge). And I am hoping to move him up to middle school at some point over the next year or so.

We have absolutely LOVED Sunny Lane K9 Academy. Thank you for having such a great facility and teaching us how to be better owners and THANK YOU for getting Moose to climb into the car!

All the best! Melynn and Hany Sheet (and Moose, of course)
Tom, Elsie and I want to thank you for the wonderful class in puppy training. We look forward to enrolling into the next class and other classes as well. I was so sorry to have missed 3 classes due to having to work weekends, but I am grateful I was able to attend 3 of them at least. Elsie is much calmer (for Elsie that‘s a big deal), and she follows many of the commands Tom has taught her. Coming when called is still a challenge but she‘s a Terrier.

The graduation picture is priceless. What a blast the last day must have been! I can tell you that Tom enjoyed it as much as Elsie did. We really hope you keep in touch with us and let us know when the next class begins.

Best always, Tom and Marion B.
Not only are you a special person, but you have a special gift with dogs. You show that teaching is a passion, not just a job, by being available for us all week, not just at 10:30 am on Saturdays. Thank you for your love of animals and your patience with owners and making the class fun for our "babies." We‘ll be working with you a lot in the future as we grow up.

Sophie and Susan J.
Carmen is wonderful to work with. She truly loves each and every dog that comes to her. She teaches the family how to train and work with their dog in a loving manner. Puppy Boot Camp was fun and our yellow lab, Daisy, loved coming to class. The class allows enough time for both structured work and play. And Carmen made ‘Graduation‘ very special for the puppies who worked so hard! Carmen is always very supportive to her Graduates as well. Daisy has attended the Socialization hours as well and enjoys running around with other friends through the nature trail or in the off-leash area. When you meet Carmen, you can tell this is MUCH more than a business for her. She has made a very special and safe place for our ‘kids‘ to learn and play.

Thanks so much Carmen!

Don and Debbie V.
Woof! Double woof and everything that goes with it. When I came to live with my owners they didn‘t know what to do with me (I was a little wild and crazy). So, they took me to puppy school. My trainer, Carmen, helped me with my manners and I graduated with flying colors! I learned to socialize with other doggies, and obey my people. I can‘t wait to see my buddy Carmen at my doggie socials where she greets me with her loving smile!

Because I (Debbie) was on crutches for the first year of Bella‘s life, and the guy who owned her released her way too soon, I became Bella‘s litter-mate. Bella is a lab mix, very happy with lots of energy. I was so happy to find Carmen at Sunny Lane K9 Academy. When we were finally able to attend, my hands and arms were full of bruises from Bella‘s pinching and biting me--I was getting very frustrated. We started Basic training and finished; no more bruises and my frustration was gone after the first class. So much nicer!

We are still a dog and leader in progress. Carmen has so much to offer, not just training classes, but a lot of other dog classes and fun stuff. I want to teach my dog, but I don‘t know how! Carmen is so wonderful and patient, so we can learn. We‘ve also been to the dog communicator and TTouch class (loved it), learned so much and had fun doing so. We look forward to Sunday social dog days, Doggie Fun Camp, and Middle School, always keeping an eye on the Calendar so we can join in on what Carmen has to offer. Thank you, Carmen!

Debbie, Don, and Bella
Sunny Lane Canine Academy is owned and operated by Carmen Williams, one of the very best dog trainers in Skagit and Whatcom Counties. If you live anywhere near Sedro Woolley and have a dog that needs training, Sunny Lane is a place you should seek out.

I live in Bellingham and have still visited several times, both for private lessons and classes. I‘ve also attended several classes given by her at other facilities here in Bellingham. She has a deep understanding of dog behavior, is extremely caring, and most importantly has great people skills. My dog loves her!

David M.
What a comfortable, adventurous facility for dogs. Any dog would love the nature walk - I liked it too. Both my dogs have responded well to personal training with Carmen and always leave a better dog upon going home. Carmen is well informed on the most gentle, effective training techniques and I love her approach of positive reinforcement. My dogs also love the Doggie Social Club. After visiting her facility and comparing rates for training, I found hands down there was no comparison. I would highly recommend Sunny Lane to anyone. Any dog (or person) will love this place!

Fav W.
Having acquired two dogs, I was delighted with finding Carmen Williams, CPDT and owner of Sunny Lane K9 Academy! Her facility is well groomed and maintained, and offers stimulating opportunities for dogs of all sizes. Her skill as a trainer is unparalleled in my experience.

She is always kind to both owners and dogs, and has a common sense approach to what is happening. She appears calm at all times and her love of the dogs is infectious and encourages a more fulfilling, trusting bond between owners and dogs.

I did not find the pricing too expensive and it was certainly well worth the money! I have participated in private lessons as well and found them to be well structured, versatile and "right-on" with the addressing the areas I wanted to improve on with my dogs.

I am not sure you can put a price tag on having a well-mannered, 4 legged addition to your household, but if you could, Sunny Lane, meets all expectations and is well worth the fees, which I found extremely reasonable and competitive for our area.

Teresa J.
Carmen is a very caring, informative trainer. I took our dog Abby there for two reasons, one she was suffering terrible depression from the death of her life long partner who died of old age. The second was that I realized in trying to work with her and bring her out of depression I needed help as I was used to very assertive, self confident dogs and she was an extremely submissive and insecure dog which needed very gentle, supportive techniques. Before the six weeks were up Abby was a far more confident dog who was starting to enjoy life again.

Carmen also took the time to help my young children, 4 and 5, feel more involved with Abby. She gave me some great ideas of how to ensure my children could remain engaged with our dog.

On the property are several dog leash areas with play toys and agility equipment, an indoor training room, and a well groomed and laid out training trail in the woods.

Salena A.
We recently sent our dog to the Academy in Sedro Woolley and it we are so glad we did! Our pup now listens to commands, doesn‘t bark and is not aggressive Our dog is very well behaved now, and we owe it all to sunny lane canine academy. My family is amazed by the difference in our lovable dog.

Robert Z.