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Before You Get Your Puppy

If you have your heart set on raising and training a puppy, do make sure you train yourself beforehand. Remember, it takes only a few days to ruin an otherwise perfect puppy. Without a doubt, the most important developmental deadline comes before you even think of getting your puppy: your education about puppy education!

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After You Get Your Puppy

After You Get Your Puppy will focus on your puppy's next three developmental deadlines during the first three months your puppy is at home: Socialization with People, Learning Bite Inhibition, and Preventing Adolescent Problems.

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Dog-in-Training Poster

A poster for your door that lets your visitors know that your dog(s) are in training and asks them to look to you for instructions before entering.
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I'm Not Sure I Like Your Tone…

One of the most effective tools in keeping a dog on its best behavior is the human voice.
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A Happy Dog Is A Well-Behaved Dog

Your dog will react to the way it is treated.
   Dominance Theory: The Outdated Idea that Harms Our Dogs