Doggie Social Clubs • Reservations Required

You've heard it said before, “A tired pup is a good pup,” and it's true! Many nuisance doggie behaviors are a result of boredom and too little exercise. Dogs also need to be exposed to and have interaction with other dogs and a variety of people in order to develop and maintain important social skills.

Sometimes, busy home and work schedules prevent us from meeting our dog's needs. Doggie day care centers and dog parks are great options for exercise and socialization, but are not always convenient. There is now a weekend alternative, where you and your dog can share quality time together while you watch him romp, frolic, chase, and play with old and new doggie friends! The Doggie Nature Walk at Sunny Lane is also open for social club attendees.

TThe popular Doggie Social Clubs will be held at Sunny Lane Canine Academy in Sedro Woolley. Dates and times for these events will be available on our Sunny Lane Calendar. Social events will be offered between Mid-April and October.

Dogs must be approved by Carmen in order to attend. NOTE: Dogs 1 year and over must be spayed or neutered in order to participate in the socials. Special exceptions may be made at the discretion of the trainer.

Make reservations for the Doggie Socials by email or text to 1-360-856-5631. Please include date. Outdoor events, held at Sunny Lane, are "weather permitting." They will be canceled if it is raining or if the temperature is over 85°. To determine if the event has been canceled due to weather, please call Sunny Lane voicemail: 1-360-856-5631 prior to coming out.

Children 12 years and older may attend. Your dog wants to come!

The cost is $10 per doggie household. Simply drop $10 in the jar at the gate on the day you attend or prepay at Make a Payment.

Little Dogs

Little Dogs: 20 lbs. and under. Make a reservation for the Little Dog Social by email or text to 1-360-856-5631. Please include date.

Big Dogs

Big Dogs: 20+ lbs. and under 1 year, or
Big Dogs: 20+ lbs. and over 1 year
Make a reservation for the Big Dog Social by email or text to 1-360-856-5631. Please include date.