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Carmen has worked with two of my dogs. Anna, my Border Collie, was originally so scared and anxious that at her first puppy class she hid under my chair while the other dogs happily circled around. We instead took her to Carmen’s for individual lessons. At home Anna was afraid and would bark loudly if anything in the house was moved out of place. Carmen was able to get her past that in just one or two sessions.

Following that I adopted an 8 year old Corgi, who had been mistreated earlier in her life. I brought her to Carmen who spent about an hour with her and wouldn’t accept any money as she was a rescue. It turned out she had never been house trained, and eventually all the carpeting needed to be replaced. But in the end, she got over her fear of being touched and became a joyful companion for the remainder of her life.

We recently went through the process of formally adopting a rescue from a hoarding situation in Texas and are looking forward to working with Carmen again on some of her behaviors. She has a lot of fears, but an incredible amount of personality. I’m sure that with some socialization and individual sessions with Carmen she will also mature into a great dog. Carmen has so much experience, and she gives of it generously.
What a darling remembrance of our little group, thank you so much Carmen. I learned much from you and will use it going forward, and Scotty enjoyed himself immensely. Thank you for helping me understand his needs and teaching me how best to get to the point of working well together. And for reminding me that he’s still a puppy and to use patience and consistency. We hope to see you again soon. All best to you,
Dear Carmen,
The boys have so profited from their time with you and we are all grateful for your guiding hand and patience with them as they settle in with their new digs”
Pat Jackson
We had a wonderful time and learned a ton at Carmen's basic obedience class and are truly looking forward to continuing training and doggy socials. Carmen has amazing energy that I truly feel is tangible to the dogs as their response to her is pretty incredible. If you are struggling with your dog or looking to add new skills please give her a try, you won't be disappointed”
Marianne Kingsolver
GUESS WHAT! RINA IS ADOPTED!!! This was truly a team effort! Thank you to Best Friends for giving us Carmen from SunnyLane Academy‘s information. It is because of Carmen and her promotion of Rina that her adopters came in. (The doggy playdates at her facility every other weekend really helped with Rina‘s ability to socialize properly with other dogs too! HUGE part of why this was a successful meet and greet!

Timothy loves to run but neither his Bulldog or his Great Dane/Pitbull were set up to be good running buddies. Carmen told Timothy and his wife about Rina. Once he met Rina he knew she was a dog who could fill that bill. Being responsible pet owners, they didn‘t want to jump into a lifelong commitment so have sat down and made a plan on if it would work and how to make it work.

Today, they were confident they were ready & it was time to bring their 2 dogs for a meet and greet! It was AWESOME to watch! Timothy‘s dogs were patient but gave appropriate correction. He is an avid believer in training and has used Carmen to train his other 2 pooches so is excited to return to her with Rina. I don‘t think there could have been a more perfect person to take her home.

Thank you Doreen and Carmen for sharing our passion for these animals and helping us to promote them. May all of them find such happy tails!

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Hi, Carmen,
I just wanted to say thank you! Brew competed in AKC agility last Sunday, and he‘ll compete tomorrow. He is doing fabulous with the other dogs, I‘m able to walk in tight spaces without him reacting! Even if I can‘t get him to watch me and I have to just hold him back, he doesn‘t try to lunge or make ugly noises. He‘s completely back to his friendly, goofy self. He is also running great in the ring (for him)! Thank you again for all your help! It made such a difference. And it‘s so nice having my old dog back!
Malee Powell
Just to let you know how much I appreciate your training (for me & for Sophie Grace) and your support. We passed our Pet Partners evaluation last week with a Complex rating! In addition, I have been told that I should enter Sophie Grace in Obedience contests (I won’t cuz I don’t like competing). You gave us the foundation to succeed so Thank You!!
Susan Johnson
Oh my goodness, these pictures are great! Thank you so much! Moose is continuing to improve all the time, and we are so grateful for his class. I am hoping to put Moose in agility (to see if he can overcome his fear of heights and to give him a new and fun challenge). And I am hoping to move him up to middle school at some point over the next year or so.

We have absolutely LOVED Sunny Lane K9 Academy. Thank you for having such a great facility and teaching us how to be better owners and THANK YOU for getting Moose to climb into the car!
All the best! Melynn and Hany Sheet (and Moose, of course)
Tom, Elsie and I want to thank you for the wonderful class in puppy training. We look forward to enrolling into the next class and other classes as well. I was so sorry to have missed 3 classes due to having to work weekends, but I am grateful I was able to attend 3 of them at least. Elsie is much calmer (for Elsie that‘s a big deal), and she follows many of the commands Tom has taught her. Coming when called is still a challenge but she‘s a Terrier.

The graduation picture is priceless. What a blast the last day must have been! I can tell you that Tom enjoyed it as much as Elsie did. We really hope you keep in touch with us and let us know when the next class begins.
Best always, Tom and Marion B.